Covered Species

The Edwards Aquifer is the primary source of drinking water for 1.7 million people in the region. It is also the habitat for a unique system of aquatic life. Highly specialized, unique species, such as the widemouth blindcat, the toothless blindcat, and blind shrimp are found underground in the Edwards Aquifer. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has designated eight species that live in the Edwards Aquifer, the San Marcos Springs, and the Comal Springs aquatic ecosystems as either threatened or endangered. Species are listed as threatened or endangered based on declining numbers or the loss (or potential loss) of their critical habitat.

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Threatened and Endangered Species protected by the Edwards Aquifer Conservation Plans

Comal Springs Riffle Beetle

Heterelmis comalensis

Fountain Darter

Etheostoma fonticola

Peck's Cave Amphipod

Stygobromus pecki

San Marcos Salamander

Eurycea nana

Texas Blind Salamander

Eurycea rathbuni

Texas Wild Rice

Zizania texana

Edwards Aquifer Diving Beetle

Haideoporus texanus

Comal Springs Salamander

Eurycea sp.

Texas Troglobitic Water Slater

Lirceolus smithii

Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle

Strygoparhus comalensis

San Marcos Gambusia

Gambusia georgei

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